The Biotechnology Base

Amal Salloum, Inaara Thawer


Amal Salloum, Inaara Thawer
The Biotechnology Base - The Future of Living on Mars

Professor Camilo Cerro

The Biotech base is one of the early programs on mars. It extracts water from underground and uses it for biotechnologies like hydroponic farms and aquaponics. The harvested material is then used to 3D print and fabricate both food and potential building material. The different facilities are housed within individual units that change in scale based on function. Each unit is composed of individual linear strips that are protected from radiation by a layer of inflatables. The inflatables are filled with water which then freezes due to the cold temperature of mars and acts as insulation. In addition to the individual units, a linear highway spans between all units  and allows circulation between them.

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