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Dr. Varkki Pallathucheril
Dean of CAAD

I present with great pride this catalog of work by the graduating class of 2021 from the College of Architecture, Art and Design (CAAD) at American University of Sharjah (AUS).

Despite facing the challenges of completing the last three semesters of study online, this class has continued to pursue excellence, delivering design work of the highest standard and being recognized and awarded—even on the global stage.

And yet, I am not surprised at their success. The journey of a CAAD student is always one of extraordinary transformation, that involves adapting to radically different ways of learning and thinking. Despite the uncertainty of these times, graduates of CAAD can have confidence that the knowledge, skills and sensibilities they have acquired and honed through application and critical feedback have prepared them well to adapt to and thrive in any situation.

This catalog is a reflection of hard work and accompanies—for the second year in a row—an online exhibition of works selected by each graduating student. You are invited to peruse this compilation and if a particular piece or student intrigues you, or you are in search of new talent, please follow up using the contact information provided.

As always, my faculty colleagues continue to play a central and indispensable role in the transformational journeys of each of these graduating students as mentors and teachers, as they challenged, inspired and pushed them to achieve outstanding outcomes such as those found in these pages.

This year’s catalog and the online exhibition have been designed in-house by Design Practicum students, taught by my colleague Assistant Professor Riem Ibrahim and I offer my thanks for their diligent effort and impressive outcome. Special recognition must be given to our CAAD staff for their invaluable support and hard work throughout these many months of virtual operations, in particular Savio Creado, Assistant to the Dean.

To our graduating students—I congratulate you and wish you the very best as you take your first steps into the professional design arena. I look forward to hearing of your successes in the future as leaders in the design professions or wherever your journey takes you.

Furthermore, I encourage you to continue to find support from each other and from the global network of CAAD alumni of which you are now a part. Just as you have benefited from interactions with many of our CAAD alumni, may I extend this invitation to you: whether you are seeking professional mentorship and advice from faculty or returning as a guest lecturer and mentor yourself, CAAD’s doors are always open to you.