Viscosity, & Playfulness in Architecture

Julia Najah Fhaili


Julia Najah Fhaili
Remoteness, Viscosity, & Playfulness in Architecture

Professor Dima Srouji

By studying how viscous materials can harden and freeze formally over time, this project tackles the question of how time can create a playful architecture. The site was located on a remote peninsula at the edge of Oman, a difficult journey from the center. This led the children of the village to create makeshift play-areas that dot the site. As a reaction, a sanctuary for children was created that allows them to enjoy this ever-changing architecture and acts as a place for continuous scientific study on the incorporation of viscous materials into construction. Through the combination of a lattice steel structure, metal mesh, inflatables and slime, this project explores the contradiction between the playfulness of slime and the seriousness of structure.

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