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Prof. Daniel Chavez
Aisha Noureen
Alia Hussain
Alyaa Alshaer
Asheah Khan
Dana Tamimi
Farah Abubaker
Fatemeh Shafiei
Habeba Aly
Ines Haddad
Lamya Said
Layal Noubani
Mariam AlJuwaied
Niyousha Manouchehri
Rajwa Taifour
Rasmieh Saad
Sana Fathima

The project explores the idea of a mobile plastic recycling lab. It is done in collaboration with NYU-AD and comprises of three units : living, lab and storage. Our primary area of focus was the living unit, which is designed to accomadate two people on the road. The unit is designed to stimulate a camping experience and is primarily powered by solar panels.

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